How to configure the DP type flow meter in FF

Explain the configuration of DP type flow meter in FF

Check transmitter range and DCS range, square root, first you see calibration datasheet, square & Linear type, then you set up and connect Hart and check tag number, range input-output, after that apply value transmitter range showing transmitter display and DCS output range square root, you apply 25%, output showing 50.5%, then give 50% display and DCS showing 70.7%, you give 75%, display and DCS will be 86.6%, you give 100%, display and DCS will show 100%.

FF stands for Foundation Fieldbus, a digital industrial protocol. FF field instruments do not use an analog 4-20mA signal; all communications is digital.

Configuration involves software that can access the device through an FF modem or hardware when an FF transmitter is on an FF network segment.

Typical FF parameters for a DP application include:.

Channel (the variable selected): pressure

L-Type: Direct, indirect or square root

XD_Scale: Scale and engineering units

Out_Scale: Scale and engineering units

For a Rosemount 3051: Channel: 1 = pressure

L-Type: square root

XD_Scale: 0-121.4 in H2O @ 4°C

Out_Scale: 0-250 GPM

A Zero trim is often done during commissioning to adjust for mounting deviations from level and plumb.