How to commission the ABB ACS 580 drive

In order to commission the drive first power up the drive and in the display there will be an option like, start set-up the drive, and the other one would be an exit, so select the start set-up. After that, we can select the localization according to our requirements. Then we can see the entered units such as power, temperature, torque, etc, and we can edit this if we want. We can also name the drive according to our need, the most important thing that must be considered while commissioning a drive is the motor nominal value check all the entered values and see if it matches to your motor nameplate if not edit the values and save it.

The motor nominal values are current, voltage, frequency, speed, power, torque. In order to check whether the phases are connected properly or not we can do a direction, test. Select the direction test and we can see the option spin the motor so select it. Before doing this make sure if the motor is connected properly or check if there is any chance for faults. We can also do a backup if we need it after the commissioning.

After this select the reference from the options and edit the reference, and reference options then start the drive on local mode. In order to change the remote mode settings go to the main menu and select the primary settings, in the primary settings we can see many options and one of them would be the start, stop, and reference option and by selecting this option we can change the reference source and we can also select the start, stop command source. In all the applications we must set the ramp time and we must do this. In order to use the deceleration wrap, the stop mode must be changed to ramp stop.

Fast starting can be achieved by short acceleration time, fast stopping can be achieved by wrap stops with short ramp time. If we need to ensure the correct operation of the drive then we need to check limits. In the limit section, we can see the maximum and minimum frequency and also maximum current, check if all the values are correct. Select the I/O menu to check the control unit terminals. After checking the I/O connections the drives control location will be changed, and the drive would get a reference from a remote location. The remote control location would give reference through analog or frequency input.