How to clear faults in controlLogix controller

Faults can occur in any program during the execution. It is important how to find the fault and clear it. Let have a look at the procedure for clear the fault.

Consider a program that has already written having faults.

Timers in the program will accept only some kind of value, for example, the timer does not accept any negative value. It will be a fault if gave such values.

The portal gives alerts for fault in the program.

The fault indication while running the program is shown above in a red circle, A red light flashing and red indication. Rem Run will be changed to faulted.

Click on the Faulted > Select go faults from the drop down > open up a window.

You can see the details of the faults in the window. Details such that program code, program line and the variable if required which is the fault. And also shows the program path such as main task - main program or subprogram - routine etc.

Check out the details of the fault and remember it. click clear fault so that faulted signal won’t show any more.

Come back to the program and change the line/lines which were shown as the fault.