How to change set-point using HART communicator? Different types of HART communicator connections

A HART communicator is a secondary master in HART communication. HART communicator devices can be connected in different ways to a transmission line.

HART communicator to HART loop:

Connecting directly to a HART device:

Connect with optional 250-ohm resistor:

This is an optional connection, for a safety 250 ohm is connected if there is resistor below 250ohm in the loop.

How to view and change the setpoint?:

  • Connect the Communicator to the loop, then switch ON the device.

  • Double tap on the HART Application, Now you will get an Online main menu on the display.

  • This online window includes important information on the devices connected. Process variable Analog output Lower range value Upper range value

  • Select the parameter and change them if you want. Once you have made changes to the parameters, you may send them to the device.

  • An asterisk will appear next to the parameter name of any un-sent item.

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