How to calibrate the ABB AZ 20 oxygen analyzer

At first, we must check the probe before calibration and we can see the label, check whether auto-cal or restrictors fitted, it will be marked in the label. It would be good if it is restrictor fitted because then we would get the correct amount of flow to the sensor from the test gas line. In case if we don’t have any, restrictors then we can use a flow meter and adjust the in-built valve so that proper flow can be achieved. We would need reference air and we can get this from a pump, so because of the restrictor, we would get the proper flow.


In order to do the calibration, we need our calibration test gases and we would require two gases for our zero operating range we could use atmospheric or compressed air and while using compressed air we must check for dust and for that we can use a filter so that we can prevent the dust come in contact with the sensor. We can use oxygen for the high point or oxygen with nitrogen can also be used for this process. We must check the probe, and after that, we can do the calibration check whether the probe is thermally stable, in order to make the probe thermally stable we must turn ON the probe and after two hours we can start the calibration and by that time the probe will be heated up. In order to do the manual calibration, we must connect everything to TG1 and the TG2 must be blocked. After this connect the zero gas and then we must open the valve, then go to the menu in our device then select standard, and after that choose to calibrate the next step is to select sensor cal, after that select the manual cal-2-pt, and press continue.

Now the probe will do the calibration after that turn-off and disconnect the test gas. Then connect the spam gas to the same port open the valve and press continue now the second point will be calibrated and the probe calibration is over. After that press, accept and we would get a failed message if the calibration is failed and this message could be like the signal is not stable, no response, etc, so in this case, we must check the user guide or contact the device distributor.

We can do the calibration automatically in this device, connect the offset gas to TG1 and connect the spam gas to TG2. We can do an auto-calibration in many ways, we can do it by using the front screen or it can be done remotely by using I/O, it can also be done by scheduling the time in the transmitter. By using the front screen we can do this calibration, select the menu, press the standard option then select the calibrate option after that select sensor cal, after that select the 2-pt auto cal and press ok.