How to calibrate Differential Pressure Transmitter (DPT) Level Transmitter at field?

Equipment required:

  • Datasheet,

  • Pressure calibrator,

  • Multimeter,

  • Hart communicator


Procedure of DP Level Transmitter Calibration at field:

  • Man placed the computer in the control circuit manual mode and placed it on the ESD circuit MOS.

  • Refer to the datasheet to hook up HART Communicator and check some parameters. Typical parameters are PV, LRV and URV tag amount.

  • Isolate from the method of the tool.

  • Release both pressure and drain low and high side liquid throughout the manifold drain.

  • Open both plugs at seal pot.

  • Top up seal liquid for the low side until half of the seal pot.

  • Remove tubing at the high side of the manifold.

  • Hook up the calibrator on the at high side and isolate the vent valve

  • To evaluate the present signal, hook up a multimeter in sequence with the signal to the DCS.

  • If the amount equal to zero is applied as per calculation, the multimeter should display 4mA.

  • If not, use HART Communicator to adjust zero at the transmitter

  • Apply pressure according to the calculation if the amount is equal to 100%, the multimeter should show 20mA.

  • If not, use HART Communicator to adjust the receiver

  • After finishing the task, request the board driver to return loops to normal mode or to normalize the MOS.

  • Fill out and submit the calibration form for future reference.

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