How to calibrate a RTD using process calibrator?

RTD is a temperature transducer. Before installing the transducer we have to calibrate the transducer. For that we need process calibrator.

A processor calibrator is the device used to calibrate the transducer. The calibrators should be accurate in a range of values. Before calibrating the transducer, we should check the calibrator.

Steps for the calibration, including the calibrator accuracy check.

Step 1:

For set the accuracy of the calibrator. Connect the transmitter to the process calibrator.

Dip the RTD needle into the water at the 0 degree Celsius, check whether the calibrator is showing 4mA.

And do the same procedure in 100 degree boiling water. check whether the calibrator is showing 20mA.

If both readings shows correctly then the calibrator is accurate and ready to our function.

Step 2:

Connect the calibrator probes properly to the RTD leads.

Give an input signal from the calibrator to transistor. We can see the current change in the calibrator screen. If the calibrator shows expected range of values, then the transistor is good in condition and calibrated.

If the transistor is not showing the correct range of values, then we needed to calibrate the transistor.

The calibration can be done by simply adjusting the span and zero adjustments. Adjust the current value with respect to the simulated temperature value.