How to add Hardware Configuration on CompactLogix PLC and ControlLogix PLC?

What is CompactLogix PLC?

CompactLogix PLCs are used for the monitoring of the medium control device. This PLC is used to power the system and the packaging machinery. It’s got an I/O system built in. In these PLCs, extra inputs and outputs can be inserted using the extension mode, but there is a limit to the addition of the expansion module.

We need RSLogix 5000 tools for programming purposes. It supports networking protocols such as Ethernet, ControlNet, RS-232, DH-485 and Modules.

What is ControlLogix PLC?

This PLC was primarily used to manage the broad control structure. ControlLogix is also considered a modular PLC which uses different input-output units.

This model is primarily used in the manufacturing, batching and motion control systems. In ControlLogix, rack-based I/O modules are included.

We need RSLogix 5000 tools for programming purposes.

It supports networking protocols such as Ethernet/IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, DH+. Supports 32 points per module for digital input outputs. It has no built-in LCD display.

How to do Hardware Configuration on CompactLogix and ControlLogix PLC?

Step 1) Open Logix Designer Software

Step 2) Expand IO Configuration

Note: In some models, we can add expansion modules when the PLC is in Online mode however it is not advisable

Step 3) Right Click on Expansion Module and Select “New Module”

Note: Here I’m adding an analog input expansion module. In case if you want to add discrete and Digital inputs please do right click on “Embedded I/O”.

Step 4) From the new module section we can essentially the module that we are looking for by searching the part number of the expansion module. You can find the part number on the side of the module.

Note: We can add the module by going through the Module Discovery utility here but most of the time it fails.

Step 5) Select the module and click the create button

Step 6) Give a name and select “Change” and change “Electronic Keying” to “Disable keying” and press “OK”.

Step 7) Change the “OFFLINE” to “ONLINE”

You can change the input range of the expansion module by double click on the newly added module. For that

Double click on expansion module-> Configuration->input range.