How power world simulator can be useful for power system operation

What is a power world simulator

Power world simulator is a power system simulator which is user-friendly and highly interactive, it can be used to explain the power system operations and it could be helpful for the non-technical people too because it is highly interactive and easy to understand.

Power world simulator can also be used for transient stability analysis, by this simulator the user will be able to see the system models through the use of full color animated online diagrams, zooming and panning can be done too

Available tools in power world simulator

Voltage adequacy and stability tool (PVQV)

By the help of this, the user will be able to analyze the voltage stability characteristics of a system. After this simulation, the user can graph various system parameters.

Optimal power flow tool (OPF)

It is used to minimize the objective function, the optimal solution is determined by the programming algorithm of OPF and it is done by iterating between solving a standard power flow and solving a linear program to change the system controls and thus removes any limit violation

The optimal commands and options are accessed through the LP OPF main menu item, by the help of the OPF system the objective system can be minimized by changing the system controls

Security constrained optimal power flow tool (SCOPF)

It also minimizes the objective function, but in a better way than the OPF, the OPF does the minimizing of the objective function by changing different power system controls but while doing that it may affect the power balance and other problems will happen due to this and in that case we can use the SCOPF by using this it can solve the base case power flow and linear program runs the changes in system controls so that contingency can be removed

Optimal power flow reserve (OPFR)

It is used to simulate ancillary service reserve, in case of load disconnection or loss of stability. The power system needs an adequate level of reserve it can be used for the better operation of the system

The OPF simulates energy according to normal operation constraints

Available Transfer capability analysis tool (ATC)

It is used to determine the maximum MW transfer between the two parts of the power system

Power world simulator automation server (SimAuto)

SimAuto allows the power world users to access power world simulator functionality within a program written externally by the user it acts as a COM object and the programming language that have COM compatibility are

  • Visual basic
  • Visual C++
  • Matlab

Distributed computing

It allows the user to use multiple computers to speed up the analysis and it can be done by splitting the work among the specified computers

Transient stability

It allows the analysis of the system dynamic response to disturbances such as loss of generation, faults, and sudden load change the main objective of this analysis is to determine whether the machine will reach the synchronous frequency following a disturbance or not

Program Toolbar

It helps the user to switch between programs Edit and run modes and controls various aspects of the power flow solution

color=#ff7700]Edit mode[/color]

It can be used for the editing purpose it can be used to build a new case or to change an existing one

Run mode

It switches the program to run mode which can do single power flow solution or timed simulation with animation

Script mode

It can be used to call the script commands or it can open auxiliary files which have script commands

Single solution

It does the single solution of the power flow equations, it allows the user to use the simulator as a standalone power flow


It shows the power flow like is it continuous or any fault


It can terminate the current power flow solution, in case of timed simulation pressing the abort button will pause the simulation