NETWORK TRANSFORMERS

Network transformer is used in the network system for better flexibility and reliability and it is widely used for the underground installation requirements it is designed with corrosion resistance features

It will supply power to network bus and it handles short term overload network transformers are used to provide reliable electrical service to the cities. These type of network is constructed with redundant facilities so if any single equipment fault occurs it doesn’t affect the service Network transformers supply power to secondary grid type system in populated cities it is used in dry vaults and inside buildings


  • Vault type transformers- which could be used for occasional submerged operation
  • Subway- type transformers – which could be used for continuous submerged operation Network transformers have three phases primary side switch that can open, close or short the connection of the primary side to the ground the network is served by two primary feeders and the unit consist of grounding switch and a network protector Three phase network transformer size ranges from 300 to 2500 KVA network transformers are filled with insulating fluids and it’s impedance ranges from 4% to 7%

FEATURES • It has a long life and it would operate in harsh conditions • The temperature rise is in the range of 50% to 65% • It has a low voltage range from 208V to 5 kV • It has high voltage up to 35 KV • Short circuit strength is high • It has high corrosion resistive capability • It’s working standard meets DOE 2016 efficiency standards • Three- phased 300-2500 kVA

APPLICATIONS • It can be used in skyscrapers • It is used for the underground network • Sporting venues • It can be used in tall apartment buildings • It is used for commercial, institutional and government facilities