How isolation amplifier can be used for electrical isolation

WHAT IS AN ISOLATION AMPLIFIER Isolation amplifier can isolate the input and the output electrically and thus it is called an isolation amplifier, in some cases certain equipment needs to be isolated from electrical connection with the system to which it is connected, it can also be helpful to avoid the current and voltage of one side of the system doing damage to the other, and such a system can be called as isolated. Isolation amplifier provides isolation of one part of the circuit to the other it does not amplify any signals

OPERATION OF ISOLATION AMPLIFIER Isolation amplifier is generally an op-amp and it has high input impedance and by this high input impedance it does the isolation, the current drawn from a high input impedance circuit is very less so the op-amp has high input impedance and it will draw only small current so in between the circuit it doesn’t draw current so there won’t be any power transfer from one section of the circuit to the other

ISOLATION AMPLIFIER IN BIOMEDICAL INSTRUMENTATION Isolation amplifiers are used in the biomedical section in order to protect the patient and the equipment, if a patient is being monitored for example ECG the protection is needed in both ways, patient must be protected from electrical shocks and if the patient’s heart stops the protection is needed for the ECG machine because the voltage applied to the patient for the monitoring purpose

Isolation amplifiers protect the patient from electric shocks by using an isolation amplifier a galvanic separation can be done to the patient from the input side and from all equipment on the output side


• The amplifier must not influence the monitoring of physiological process • Separation of signal and interferences • The patient must be protected from the electrical shocks • The amplifier must protect itself from high voltages


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