How Harmonic Distortion is reduced by a 12-Pulse Rectifier?

The harmonics decrease as the number of pulses increases.

In order to understand inverter and converter terminology, consider the number of pulses in the system configuration.

The number of pulses is determined by the configuration of the converter (or) inverter.

When a three-phase supply is provided to the converter outlined that follow, the number of pulses is six.

The number of pulses equals double the number of phases.


The harmonics order generated in the system may be stated using the formula below.

N= PK +/- 1


P- Number of pulses. K - Integral Multiples, which can be 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

For a six-pulse system, N = 6*1 +/-1 = 6-1, 6+1 = 5, 7.

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