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                                  Energy Saving Application in Plastic Extruders 

One of INVT distributors in South Africa received a Large Order for INVT GD300 AC VSD Panels and WEM High Efficiency motors to assist a Large Plastic Extruding Company with Energy Savings.

Their Client had recently installed Power Factor Correction equipment on their Main Power supply system as a strategy to reduce their massive electrical account. The Client was immensely disappointed with claimed predictions versus actual results and unfortunately still had a major electrical bill.

INVT distributor was referred through a third party to this client to undertake Power Analysing, report and give a recommended solution. INVT distributor has built a strong reputation in ensuring REAL Energy Savings to various Industries by offering existing & potential clients FREE Power Analyser recordings.

INVT distributor staff knowledge quickly identified 8 potential motor drive problems and full Power Analyser recordings, notations made of motor speeds, gearbox ratio’s, coupling, etc were made on these specific motor drive applications. All recordings and information were analysed and the distributor recommendation was to fit INVT GD300 AC VSD Drive panels with WEM High Efficiency Force cooled motors.

Conservatively it was calculated that there would be a minimum of 490 amps reduction per kilowatt hour (490 amps kw/hr), plus additional reductions in kVA Demand and Maximum demand.

The Client was approached with a full report but they were highly suspicious of our claims because of their recent costly expense in Power Factor correction equipment. INVT distributor have shown countless clients in reality that if motors are started by means of DOL, Star-delta, Soft Starters or DC Drives that no amount of Power Factor correction will significantly reduce these specific motor drive applications electricity usage. INVT GD300 AC VSD drives should first be used to correct the problem at the source thereafter one can install much smaller Power Factor correction panels to rectify other problems like lighting, computers , etc.

The client agreed to install one unit for testing on the basis that if the Drive & motor did not perform in accordance to our calculations then they could return the equipment at no charge or pay for equipment if it did meet our claims. The test was successful and hence the Client placed the full Order for equipment as per our recommendations.

The INVT GD300 AC VSD Panels were manufactured in-house by INVT distributor and will be installed next to clients existing panels and all the clients existing controls will remain the same except that they will be wired into the NEW panels.