How Do You Calculate AC Load From DC?


How Do You Calculate AC Load From DC?

To determine the AC load from a DC load, consider the efficiency of inverter that converts DC to AC.

The basic calculation takes into account the power in watts (W) & the inverter’s efficiency.

Here are the steps:

Step-1: This is the amount of power consumed by your DC-powered devices or systems.

Step-2: Inverters are not completely efficient, which means that some power is lost during the DC to AC conversion. Inverter efficiency normally ranges between 85% and 95%.

Step-3: To Calculate the AC load:

Formula: AC Load (W) = DC Load (W)/Inverter Efficiency.

The inverter efficiency is given as a decimal. For example, if the inverter’s efficiency is 90%, enter 0.90 in the formula.

Solved Example


DC load: 1000 W

Inverter Efficiency: 90% (or 0.90) AC load (W) equals 1000 W.

0.90 ≈ 1111.11W

AC load (W) = 0.90 x 1000 = about 1111.11 W.

To supply a 1000W DC load, you’d require about 1111.11 W of AC power, assuming a 90% efficient inverter.