How data is exchanged between WDRR/WMPR wireless receiver and Fieldbus coupler?


The WMPR series is a reliable DIN rail wireless receiver that can accept 14 digital signal from wireless switch or analoge switch. The WMPR reciever has the Ethernet IP as internet protocol that means all the signals pushed by the WMPR is through internet protocol.

If the end user wants to display the data in a host controller such as a PLC or HMI that has Modbus™ TCP/IP protocol, then it is required to connect the fieldbus coupler to the host controller.

To interface the WMPR with a host controller device, it is required that the WMPR is connected to an EtherNet/IP compliant host controller and upload the electronic data sheet (EDS) of the WMPR to the host controller device.


WDRR series is an another wireless reciever which capable of accept 14 digit signal. It has output for RF communication and another output for low battery voltage.

Once a message is recieved at the WDRR receiver then it requires a hardware output module to connect with the modbus protocol devices.