How can we do AC distribution by using different power configuration

AC Distribution

By the help of the distribution system the power transmission is possible, the power transmission is usually done in AC and not in DC because the problem of changing the voltage level and the changing methods are really expensive but in case of AC system there is no such problem by the help of transformer the AC transmission can be done properly, electrical energy is produced, distributed and transmitted in the form of alternating current

Single phase 120


This current is mainly called as the house current this type is used in houses to power small electrical appliance. The output voltage is in the range of 120v phase to neutral, two types of configuration can be used 2-wire and 3-wire configuration in this the two wire configuration is an older method which has phase and neutral and there is no earth ground connection so that it is replaced by three wire configuration. By adding the ground connection the improvement of safety can be seen

Single phase 120/240

This is also known as split phase 240 and this type of AC source is used for some electrical household equipment, in this configuration, it has two voltage level which is 180 degree apart and they are “phase to phase” and “line to line” and its voltage level is 240. Phase to neutral voltage is 120

The 120/240 refers to the phase to neutral voltage and phase to phase voltage

Three-phase configuration

The three-phase system is used in many factories and other industries because it has many features in a three-phase system it has five wires in which three wires are current carriers and it is called as phases, these three wires are 120 degrees out of phase from each other, the fourth wire is neutral and the fifth one is the earth ground

This is usually called as a three shape wye system because of the Y shape of the phases


Open wye configuration

This configuration can be very useful because if any phase fails the power can be maintained by this and for this it requires a three-phase wye configuration which is made from three single-phase transformers, if one phase requires repair it can be taken off and the transformers can be set in an open wye configuration and the operation can be continued and after repair the third one can be added to this in a standard wye configuration