How can we auto reset faults on ABB ACS 580 drive?

This drive’s automatic reset feature would be turned off by default and it must be enabled by the operator. By doing this we are starting the drive and the motor by clearing faults, so we must only enable this only if it is not dangerous to any equipment or to people.


To do the automatic fault resetting we must open the main menu and go to primary settings, by using the arrow buttons select the advanced functions and then select the auto-reset faults after that select the fault type so that we can reset it, the selection can be done by using the arrow buttons that are shown in the above image. While selecting the fault type we can see different faults like overcurrent, overvoltage, under-voltage, external fault, etc. So we can choose from this option, after selecting the fault type go to the auto-reset section now we can see many options and select wait between reset options from these options and by using this option we can set cool down in seconds between our specified fault reset attempts. If there are too many attempts we must leave it, in order to do so there is an option called ‘to give up if there are too many attempts’, and this would stop the auto-reset fault attempts if there are too many reset attempts in our chosen time frame.

There is another option called max attempts within this window and we can select this by pressing the topmost left button this button is to go back. The max attempts within this window will set the maximum amount of reset attempt in our specified time before our auto resets end and during this time the user should do a manual reset so that the operation can be continued. We can also test our auto rest setting by creating a fault and this fault will be cleared by our configured auto-reset category, and if the fault is reset properly according to our settings then the auto-reset function is done.