How can I automate this process?

Often times we fill smaller containers from tote tanks using a ball valve connected to a nozzle and using a weight scale with a person operating the release and shut off of the valve. Is there a better way to do this? Perhaps a combination of weight/load sensors (to make sure container is filled to the desired amount) wired to a solenoid valve (to shut off valve). Just a thought experiment not sure how one would go about automating this?


Just wanted to show the valve and nozzle setup. The liquid for my actual application was Isopropyl Alcohol which has a density of 0.79 and specific gravity 785 kg/m³. It is also flammable so something that doesn’t need electricity to actuate would be ideal.

If your bottle size is going to be same for a particular batch, I believe, the better way is to have a flow meter and a solenoid valve where you can set the quantity of flow and shut off the valve after the flow is complete with a central server monitoring the process or put the particular login inside the micro controller itself.

Validate this for your exact scenario before taking this up.

No the bottle size will vary from a Quart, to a pint, to a Gallon