Honeywell Safety PLC FSC (Fail Safe Controller) showing "spurious watchdog interrupt, memory error"

In FSC(Fail Safe Controller) ,Extended diagnostics showing “spurious watchdog interrupt, memory error”.What is the issue?

Depending on the software release in combination with the communication configuration on the communication modules, it may be possible that one central part stops randomly and reports “spurious watchdog interrupt, memory error”. The error is caused by the communication module 10004/1/1 or 10014/1/1. The root cause is time-critical circuitry on this module. Because of obsolete components on communication modules of 10004/1/1 and 10014/1/1, a new communication module, 10024/1/1, was developed in 2000 and is fully compatible with the modules 10004 and 10014. Module 10024/1/1 does not have this problem.