History Module(HM) backup command for Honeywell TDC /TPS DCS

What is the command for taking HM backup in Honeywell TDC3000 or TPS DCS.

Please note the below command to take whole HM backup on single Emulated Disk (.LCN File)

If ur HM requires three emulated disks (100 MB each) to take complete backup of HM then create a single emulated disk of 300 MB and format it with following command.

CR $Fn>xxxx –FMT –MF 32767 –BS 1700 –X


CR – create volume $Fn – emulated drive no. (n = 1, 2, 3……) xxxx – Volume lable -FMT – format -MF – Max. file size -BS – Block Size -X – extended option.

If u don’t use –X option then u will not be able to take a complete back on single emulated disk, though u have created it with 300 MB size.