HC 900 Procedure for 1041 OI Conversion to a 1042 OI - HC 900

  1. Download the current 1042 Operator Interface firmware from the HC900 Website and extract the zipped files to the required Floppy or Zip disk as needed by the 1041.
  2. Connect the 1041 OI to a UMC800 controller.
  3. Press the Main Menu button, then cursor down to Disk Utilities and press Enter.
  4. Press the “detail” button (gray button below the ? question mark). This will take several minutes to reflash the firmware into the Operator Interface. Should a failure be indicated, DO NOT power down the UMC800 .
  5. Upon completion of the upgrade, the OI will not longer communicate to the UMC800. Power down the UMC800 and Operator Interface and rewire the OI communication cable per the HC900-1042 User manua
  6. After making the cable connection between the HC900 and OI, Power up the OI and HC900 and the two should communicate.

Note: the 1042 will require a separate 24Vdc power source with a minimum 1.2 amp rating.