HART communicator problem

hello gentle men and ladies , I have a HART communicators Model (475) that give error message when it is powered up and its touch screen does n’t respond to the selection of any of the given action .

I tried the following:

1- its memory card has been used in another working HART communicator and it still worked properly

2- I replaced the screen that is displaying error with the one from the working HART and when powering the malfunctioning HART it gave the same error message.

can you help me fix this problem? your contributions are highly appreciated.

There’s something wrong with the application or the operating system. There is zero service information available for the 475. Only the Emerson factory can fix it.

The 475 was made obsolete some time this past year. The Emerson 475 web page says support is only offered through October 2020. https://www.emerson.com/en-us/catalog/ams-475-field-communicator

Anecdotal information on repairs of 475’s was that it was a very expensive exercise. Given the fact that it’s a boat anchor in 22 months, do you want to throw good money after bad?

Can you use a Meriam handheld or Pactware software with a HART modem instead of a 475?

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hello did you manage to repair the hart, I have one with the same problem

hi My hart 475 showed this error. Have you fixed your hart 475?