HART 375 Communicator Error 4

Hello. I have HART 375 Communicator, it wasn’t working several years. And now I wanted to launch it, but there is an error: License file check failed - error code 4. Please help

There is no known fix. The 375 is at 15 years obsolete without formal support from Emerson/Rosemount.

If required use is not in hazardous areas, look into using Pactware software,a laptop, and a USB Hart modem. Pactware uses DTM files, not DD files.

Not all field instrument vendors provide the required DTM files for their field instruments as they do DD files for Trex, but Pactware is free and USB modems are readily available.

Thanks for the answer. Is it possible to fix this problem simply by installing a license. If so, do you have one?