Getting trained - Which way to go?

Greetings all, my name is Greg, first post so I apologize for any trouble. I have been working as an electrician/wire man in the UK, for about 10 years now, mainly building, installing and occasionally testing PLC control panels, and machinery, in the mean time trying to grasp the automation from software/programming side at home in spare time. By fiddling with a LOGO controller, learned the basic FBD and Ladder language, I am about to get a more advanced controller like S7 300 /400 or something similar.

I recently started thinking seriously about getting a proper qualifications and changing the job to something closer to programming, or doing both wiring and software if possible.

My question here is where to start? I have found a lot of different trainings available, I know the prices but I am ready to cover the costs. and need some advice where to start, whats most universal these days? Maybe a silly question, but do I need to start with Level 1 and then go up? My pick would be the S7 and TIA Portal training but again any advice would be golden.

Thanks and best regards, Greg.