Free tool to design Motor control Circuit - DOL Starter and Star-Delta

Tool to design DOL starter and Start to Delta.

This tools is an Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

Components used in DOL starter and Star- Delta Starter- Fuse Circuit Breaker Over load Relay setting Contactor

DOL Starter & Star-Delta Converter- Tool

Following information need to be entered to design DOL starter and Star - Delta

System Voltage Phase Type of Motor Motor Size Motor Code Motor Efficiency Motor RPM System P.F Application of Motor

Following Parameter are calculated with spreadsheet tool.

**Motor Torque /  Current**	
Motor Rated Tourque (Full Load):	
Motor Rated Tourque (Full Load):	
Motor Starting Torque:	
Lock Rotor Current IL(Min):	
Lock Rotor Current IL(Max):	
Motor Starting Current :	
Motor Full Load Current (Line):	
Motor Full Load Current (Phase):	
**Fuse (As per NEC 430-52)**	
Non-Time Delay Fuse (Max)	
Time Delay Fuse (Max)	
**Circuit Breaker (As per NEC 430-52)**	
Instantaneous Trip Circuit Breaker (Max)	
Inverse Time Circuit Breaker (Max)	
**Over Load Relay  Setting**	
Relay Min (70% of FLC Phase):	
Relay Max (120% of FLC Phase):	
Relay Setting (100% of FLC Line):	
Type of Contactor:	
Making / Breaking Capacity of Contactor:	
Main Contactor (100% of FLC Line):	

DOL and Star-Delta Starter Desingning tool.xls (288.5 KB)

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