Free tool to Convert 4-20 ma to PLC raw counts and 1-5 volt

What is PLC raw value ?

PLC raw value is the internal counts used by CPU of a programmable logic controller (PLC)

PLC Input module convert field value (Analog - ma) to internal value .

0-20 mA range = internal value of 0 to 32000

4-20 ma range = internal value of 6400 to 32000

Analog input value from (4-20 ma) from field device is converted to 1-5 v by PLC i/o modules.

Conversion tool for free download ( 4-20 ma to Raw counts and 4-20 ma to 1-5 v)

PLC 4-20 mA to PLC Raw Count Conversion and 1-5 Voltage.xls (29.0 KB)

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