Free Instrumentation Excel Spreadsheet tools Hydrostatic Level Calculator and Orifice plate flow error calculator

Two useful spreadsheet tools for instrumentation engineers

Hydro static Level calculator and Orifice plate flow error calculator

System Requirements - Windows PC with Microsoft Excel installed

Hydrorstatic Level calculator

With this spreadsheet transmitter range value can be calculated by entering vessel and liquid parameter . With this tool Hydrostatic pressure can be measured

You can download the Hydrostatic Pressure measurement (Level Measurement - Transmitter LRV and URV calculator) tool from automationforum

INST240_hydrostatic_level.xlsx (12.9 KB)

Orifice Plate Flow Error Calculator

This spreadsheet allows you to enter values for maximum flow rate (GPM) and differential pressure (WC) at that flow rate for an orifice plate and then it calculates the displayed flow rate given a specified DP measurement error (eg resulting from uneven liquid heights in impulse line or DP transmitter zero error).This purpose of this simulation is to demonstrate how the flow measurement for a DP based flow meter increases dramatically at low flow rates,thus illustrate the poor turndown ratio of DP based flowmeters.

Orifice Plate error calculator(Differential Pressure transmitter ) INST241_DP_flow_error.xlsx (12.9 KB)