Free HMI/SCADA program WebN Server 2.0 (freeware)

completely free HMI/SCADA program WebN Server 2.0 (freeware)

  1. program & manual download site :
  2. Web-N Server 2.0 - video for PLC interface demo :

 Windows 7/8/8.1/10 x64, .NET frameworks 4.6 over  Mult-Language (tool language, view page language)  PC monitor, Web browser monitor, Smartphone monitor (Design once and monitor on multiple instruments)

 Unlimited number of tags  Unlimited monitoring time  1,024 concurrent connections  Unlimited upgrade  Unlimited connection of equipment (PLC, DCS, DDC …)  Unlimited app push message

 No Software fee  No installation cost  No registration fee  No license fee  No cost to use  No upgrade cost  Free Redistributable


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We now support both windows x64 and x86 versions. You can download version 2.2.0 and use it. We also posted an example program for Modbus/TCP and RTU communication. Also posted a c # source for the interface. You will be able to modify and connect any control device to the communication.

Is it possible to connect this HMI with any database like Oracle or MySQL?

The current Web-N Server program can not connect external database yet. We use a built-in database engine called “xDB”. However, we will connect MS SQL Server and MariaDB (MySQL) as soon as possible. We are now implementing a function that displays location data and tag values using Google Maps. We will add the ability to display monitoring data on a Google map in the next version. As we expected, the database connection will be implemented in the next version of map monitoring.

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Thank you for your reply. Expecting your next build soon to download and install.


Can I use OPC server to connect and how to connect it?

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How About Reporting That is was support?