FREE Electrical engineering Ebooks

Electrical engineering is the study and application of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. Electricity is the main energy source for industrial and household machines and appliances. Thus studying electrical engineering deals with Generation, transmission of electrical energy and also about the electrical machines and its working.

But that doesn’t mean studying the subject is unreachable. List f Ebook for electrical engineering is listed below.

Book on Introduction to Electrical engineering:

Books on introduction to electrical engineering cover all basic laws associated with electrical circuitry, types of Phase wiring, transformers, electronic amplifiers and different circuit analysis techniques etc. Here are some recommendations:

Circuit Theory: Link: click here

This book is from Wikibooks. The books cover all basic theories on electrical circuits and circuit analysis methods. Specifically, topics covered include:

Variables and Standard Units, Electric Circuit Basics, Source Transformations, First-Order, second Circuits, Phasor Representations, State-Variable Approach, Phasor Theorems, Circuit Functions, Decibels.

Fundamentals of electrical engineering: Link: click here

A book by Don Johnson. This book helps in the study of signals and signal processing. Notable contents:

Signals and Systems, Analog Signal Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Information Communication.

AC circuits: Link: Click here

This book mainly aimed at calculations of different signal parameters in AC circuits. Topic covered in the book:

AC Signal Overview, AC Circuits Math Background, RLC Circuit Analysis with AC Sources, Passive Filters, Transformers, Diodes and AC to DC Conversion, Operational Amplifiers (OpAmps).

Ebooks for Electrical drives:

Electrical drives are the electromagnetic system that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy of driven machine.

Electric drives and electromechanical systems: Link: click here

The aimed to enlight the knowledge in electrical drives and electromechanical systems including motors, control drives. Main contents:

Electromechanical systems, Analysing a drive system, Power transmission and sizing, Brushless motors and controllers, Induction motors, Stepper motors, Controllers for automation.

Electric drive system and operation: Link: click here

This 100-page book covers the basics of electrical drive and contents covered are: Introduction to the drive systems, Properties of electric drives, Characteristics of drives, synchronous motor drive, Squirrel cage induction drive.

Electric dimensioning and tunning: Link: click here

This book deals with the tuning and control principle for the electric drives. Notable content in the book includes Project planning, mechanical transmission, the control principle of electric drives, Tunning the electric drives.

Electrical Power systems:

Electric power system deals with the generation, transmission and distribution system in electricity transmission. Here are some recommendations for electric power systems.

Electrical Power: Link: Click here

This book covers topics in power transmission, generation, circuits and power lines etc. Notable content:

Electromagnetism, AC circuits, AC induction motors, Transformers, Power lines, Power systems and Commissioning and fault finding.

Modelling and Analysis of Electric Power Systems Link: Click here

This text mainly aims in the modelling and analysis of power system, the text includes the solution for problems, machine models etc. Notable content:

Active and Reactive Power Flows, Basic Power Flow Problem, Power System Dynamics and Stability, Fault Analysis, Control of Electric Power Systems.

Power System Harmonics Analysis of High Power Variable Speed Drives

Link: Click here

This is also a book about power system analysing and modelling. Notable content:

Power System Harmonics Fundamentals, Harmonic Filter Design, Harmonic Source Modeling,