Find the level of the tank ,if the pressure at the bottom of the tank is 15.566PSI

A pressure of 15.566PSI is measured at the bottom of the tank that has water, then what is the level of the tank in feet?

15.566-14.70 = 0.866psi So according to psi to feet 0.866psi is a 1.99feet( around 2 feet).

Absolute pressure - Atmospheric pressure = gauge pressure

15.566psiA- 14.70 = 0.866 psiG 1 psiG = 27.6799 in h20 0.866 psiG then 0.866 × 27.6799 23.97 in h2o. Means water level 1 feet 11.97 inch

There is not enough information to determine the height of the tank, other than the tank is higher than the level of water it contains.

However, to determine the level of the water in the tank when the hydrostatic pressure at the bottom of the tank is 15.566PSI:

1PSI = 2.30897 Feet water column ( at 60°F )

15.566 PSI * 2.30897 ft/PSI = 35.94 feet of water in the tank (of unknown height)

Gauge pressure is an accurate measurement of hydrostatic pressure in an open tank. Closed, pressurized tanks require a differential pressure (DP) measurement with the low side of the DP transmitter connected to the vapor area above the liquid level, to compensate for the pressure in the vapor space.

Absolute pressure is not used for liquid level measurement, nor is the hydrostatic pressure related to absolute zero pressure, so no correction for the difference between absolute and gauge pressure is necessary.