Emerson High-Pressure Coriolis Flow Meters: Accuracy in Challenging Environments

  • High-pressure Coriolis flow meters are available from Emerson, a well-known name in process automation and instrumentation, and are made to deliver precise and reliable flow measurements even in the most demanding industrial circumstances.
  • The extraordinary precision of Coriolis flow measuring technology is maintained by these specialist equipment, which are designed to withstand high pressures.

Operational Principle:

  • The Coriolis effect, a natural phenomena that happens when fluid flows through a vibrating tube, is the basis for how Emerson’s high-pressure Coriolis flow meters work.
  • The fluid deflects as it passes through the vibrating tube as a result of the Earth’s rotation’s Coriolis effect.
  • The deflection is detected by sensors at the tube’s entrance and exit, which allows the meter to determine the mass flow rate precisely.

Main Features and Benefits:

In comparison to other mass flow measurement methods, the Emerson High Pressure Coriolis Flow Meter has a variety of benefits, such as:

Accurate Measurement:

  • Emerson’s high-pressure Coriolis flow meters are distinguished by their excellent accuracy.
  • The Coriolis measuring principle ensures accurate readings independent of fluctuations in fluid characteristics by precisely correlating the deflection to the mass flow rate.
  • Accuracy levels of Emerson High Pressure Coriolis Flow Meters can reach 0.10%.

High-Pressure Operation:

  • These flow meters are specifically made to handle the high pressures (performance at operating pressures up to 15,375 psi) that are frequently found in sectors like petrochemicals, chemical processing, and oil & gas.
  • The use of durable materials and construction ensures that the flow meters can withstand the mechanical stress brought on by high-pressure settings.


  • Emerson’s high-pressure Coriolis flow meters have a solid reputation for dependability.
  • These instruments are designed to function consistently and precisely under difficult circumstances, minimizing downtime and maintenance needs.

Pressure Compensation:

  • Variations in pressure might affect the flow measurements.
  • Modern pressure compensating mechanisms are incorporated into Emerson’s high-pressure Coriolis flow meters to assure reliable readings even when operating conditions change.

Wide Range of Uses:

  • These flow meters are used in many different sectors where high-pressure procedures necessitate accurate flow readings.
  • Emerson’s flow meters provide adaptable solutions for a variety of applications, including monitoring hydrocarbon flows in oil and gas pipelines and measuring chemical reactions in high-pressure reactors.
  • A wide range of mass flow rates can be measured by Emerson High Pressure Coriolis Flow Meters, ranging from a few milliliters per minute to several thousand gallons per minute.

Connectivity and Integration:

Emerson’s flow meters frequently have digital communication protocols, enabling for easy integration with current process control and automation systems. This improves the capacity for data collection, observation, and management.

Advanced Diagnostics:

  • High-pressure Coriolis flow meters from Emerson frequently include sophisticated diagnostic equipment.
  • These diagnostics offer information on the condition and functionality of the flow meter, assisting in preventative maintenance and problem-solving.

Insensitivity to process conditions:

  • Emerson High Pressure Coriolis Flow Meters are not affected by changes in viscosity, temperature, or pressure during the process.

No moving parts:

  • Emerson High Pressure Coriolis Flow Meters are dependable and low-maintenance because they have no moving parts.