Elevate Safety with Type-Tested Panels: A Comprehensive Guide

Type-Tested Electrical Distribution Panel

A particular type of electrical panel which has undergone thorough testing and certification in accordance with globally accepted standards is referred to as a Type-Tested Electrical Distribution Panel. These tests are carried out to confirm that the panel satisfies particular design requirements and operating conditions, as well as its performance and safety.

The process of type testing involves performing a number of standardized tests on the electrical distribution panel to simulate different fault conditions and operational conditions. Usually, independent testing labs or certification organizations perform the tests. Type testing is done to make sure the panel satisfies or surpasses the required performance and safety standards.

An electrical distribution panel that has undergone type testing may undergo the following particular tests:

  • Short-Circuit Withstand Test
  • Temperature Rise Test
  • Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test
  • Mechanical Operation Test
  • Degree Of Protection Test
  • Internal Arcing Fault Test

Short-Circuit Withstand Test

The short-circuit withstand test determines whether the panel can endure large short-circuit currents without being damaged or putting people in risk.

Temperature Rise Test

To make sure that the panel’s components are operating within safe conditions, this test gauges the temperature rise of the panel’s various components under full load.

Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test

Dielectric voltage withstand test also called the high voltage test, this test makes that the panel can tolerate the necessary voltage without breaking down or losing its insulation by putting it under a voltage higher than its rated voltage.

Mechanical Operation Test

This test evaluates the durability and dependability of the panel’s mechanical parts, including the

  • Busbars ,
  • Circuit breakers, and
  • Switches,

by putting them through a series of repeated operations that simulate regular use.

Degree Of Protection Test

In accordance with designated IP (Intrusion Protection) ratings, this test assesses the enclosure’s capacity to offer protection against the intrusion of solid particles (dust, debris) and liquids (water, moisture).

Internal Arcing Fault Test

The internal arcing fault test evaluates the panel’s capacity to contain and lessen the impact of the internal arcing faults, making sure that they don’t spread and result in significant harm or dangers.


A panel is issued a type test certificate (or) label attesting to its compliance if it passes these tests and satisfies the necessary requirements (such IEC 61439 or UL 891). The panel has been officially certified to satisfy the necessary performance and safety criteria.

In critical infrastructure such as

  • Industrial facilities,
  • Data centers,
  • Hospitals, and
  • Other installations

where dependability, safety, and adherence to standards are essential, type-tested electrical distribution panels are frequently utilized. These panels tend to be preferred in circumstances with demanding project specifications or regulatory requirements because they provide a high degree of assurance.