Electrical Engineer - Interview questions (Basic electrical engineering )

Electrical engineer interview questions - basic electrical engineering 1.Define electric current ?

Electric current is the movement or flow of electrons through a conductive material

2.Define “emf” / Electromotive force?

In order to cause the ‘free’ electrons to drift in a given direction an electromotive force must be applied The ‘emf’ is the driving force in an electric circuit .The symbol of ‘emf’ is E and the unit of measurement is the volt ‘V’

3.Define potential difference?

Whenever current flows through a circuit element in a circuit such as resistor,there will be a potential difference developed across it.The unit is ‘volt’

4.Define resistance

Resistance is the opposition to the current flow measured in ohms

  1. Expain ohms law

It states that the current in a resistive circuit is directly proportional to its applied voltage and inversely proportional to its resistance provided that all other factors remain constant


6.Define power

Power is defined as rate of doing work .Unit is watts

P = W/t