Electrical Design, Construction & Maintenance Engineer Resume Guidelines

We will try to touch upon the basic components which are essential to build a professional resume for Electrical System Design and Maintenance Engineers.

Below listed are the components which make an essential part of a resume

⮚Career History

⮚Skill Set

⮚Projects Details

⮚Academic Background

⮚Personal Credentials

Career History

In this section, we need to mention the Previous and current experiences in chronological order. Basically, this should include Company Details, Period of work, Position you held.


Working with Company Name, Located in State, Country as a Senior Engineer Projects.

Skill Set

In this section, we need to include skills acquired during our professional career which can include skills such as Design, Documentation, Engineering, Maintenance, Planning, Software skills, Managerial skills, etc.,

Project Details

In this section we need to include the details of the projects we worked on, this should include Project Name, Customer Name, EPC Name (IF Any), Project Period, Role in the Project, Skills used in the Project.


Project: Project Name

Customer : Customer Name

User end : User Name

Period : Jan 2016 to March 2019

Role : Senior Engineer - Projects.

Highlights: Responsible for Electrical System design.

Academic Background

In this section we should mention our Educational qualification acquired with the name of the institution, Course completed, Year of completion with scores achieved.


Qualification Board/University Year Percentage
B.E(Electrical Engineering) NIT, Trichy 2008-2011 8.7/10
Intermediate CSA St. George School 2008 76%
High School Oriental School 2006 71%

Personal Credentials

In this section we can cover personal details which you prefer to disclose with your employer.

This section is not mandatory for EU and North American job opportunities.


Date of Birth :

Address :

Languages Known :

Marital Status :

Nationality :

Religion :

Interest :


Electrical Graduate Engineer Trainee / Intern Resume Templates

This resume template can be used by Interns and Fresh graduates who are willing to look for Electrical Engineering jobs.

Electrical Engineer Intern Resume.doc (33 KB)

Electrical Project Engineer - Beginners Resume.doc (47 KB)

Electrical Project Engineer with Construction Experience Resume.doc (33.5 KB)

Entry Level Professionals

These resume templates will be useful for Engineers with 2 to 3 years of Electrical Engineering experience

Electrical Design Engineer Resume.doc (40 KB)

Electrical Engineer with Design Experience Resume.doc (32 KB)

Electrical maintenance engineer with experience in transmission and distribution Resume.doc (59 KB)

Electrical Site Engineer Resume.doc (76 KB)

Experienced Professionals

These resume templates will be useful for Engineers with more than 5 years of Electrical Engineering experience

Electrical Lead Engineer Resume.doc (73.5 KB)

Electrical Senior Project Engineer Resume.doc (77.5 KB)

Electrical Transmission & Distribution site Engineer Resume.doc (172 KB)