ECAD Software Tools

ECAD Software Tools ECAD software allows electrical designers to generate a printed circuit board (PCB) layout from a schematic, produce a virtual representation of their PCB with 3D models, and create/display 2D circuit board manufacturing documentation.

Some design software requires multiple tools to execute tasks.

  • A standard library of component dimensions and electrical and mechanical data for bespoke or rare parts offer board placement information within the PCB’s physical dimensions.
  • Trace routing, human optimization, and computer advances expedite layout design.

What’s ECAD Software?

  • ECAD software creates 3D and 2D electronic system plans and schematics.
  • It builds, simulates, and composes electric circuits.
  • It differs from component or assembly CAD software.
  • ECAD software lets you create a full electrical system with electric circuits connecting its components.

Why use ECAD? ECAD software simplifies electronic component design so you can create a great product. It eliminates the struggle of drawing an electrical circuit with pencil and paper.

Software for Electronic Computer Aided Design (ECAD)

Altium Circuit Maker

  • Altium Designer is a popular piece of software for creating electronic schematics and printed circuit boards (PCBs).
  • Use Altium to create your unique idea.
  • Altium Circuit Maker is schematic software for designing electronics.
  • ts strong engine and simple UI make designing easier.
  • Altium lets you design electronics with 16 plane layers, 16 signals, and no dimensions.
  • Its community library has hundreds of components and a great Octopart database.
  • It includes native 3D product appearance, Push-N-Shove routing, multi-sheet schematic editor, topological auto-router, and DFM/DRC verified outputs.


  • This circuit creator helps you design an electrical and mechanical product.
  • Designers can collaborate in Fusion 360.
  • Fusion 360 requires no third-party software, file sharing, translation, or export.
  • It handles data, mechanical, and PCB design.
  • The platform provides one dataset and 3D PCB data, including core material, components, board copper, and more, for MCAD software verification, validation, and analysis to satisfy product standards.
  • Fusion 360 allows early PCB thermal simulation.


  • Creo software lets you design realistic items. This 3D CAD system lets you produce better products by combining its proven and powerful features with emerging technologies like augmented reality, additive manufacturing, simulation, generative design, and more.
  • Creo lets you develop great goods with revolutionary tools to win market share and competitive advantage.
  • Creo’s easy-to-use interface guides you from design to meshing to simulation.
  • Creo provides cutting-edge technology for every design.

Solid Works

  • Solid Works helps engineers and designers create high-quality products.
  • It aids product development and client satisfaction.
  • It also includes manufacturing inspections and estimating tools for product output and cost.

Nano CAD

  • Nano CAD is a contemporary CAD software for designing 3D models and electrical components.
  • This software’s capabilities and features let you construct simple to complicated realistic designs.

Intelli CAD

  • Intelli CAD is a top CAD development platform with professional applications for product design.
  • It lets you concentrate on vertical product solutions for your customers.

Eagle PCB Design

  • It is a well-liked ECAD program that enables the design of intricate circuit boards using a number of capabilities, such as schematic capture, component libraries, and PCB layout.

Ki Cad

  • An open-source electronic design automation (EDA) software package that enables designing schematics, PCB layouts, and building three-dimensional (3D) models of the boards.

Dip Trace

  • An ECAD program with facilities for 3D modelling, PCB layout, and schematic capture.

Circuit Maker

  • An open-source ECAD software package including tools for PCB designing, schematic capture, and 3D visualization.

Design Spark

  • Free PCB design software called Design Spark PCB features schematic capture and PCB layout tools.

Easy EDA

  • It is a collection of cloud-based ECAD tools for PCB designing, simulation, and schematic capture.


  • A PCB design toolkit from Mentor Graphics that features schematic capture, layout, and simulation features.
  • Designing and testing analogue, digital, and mixed-signal circuits is made possible by the simulation and design software package known as Proteus.