EC-UCM Ensures the Safety of Taking Elevator

In recent, many elevators suffered faults and resulted in terrible disasters, a lot of people are afraid of taking elevators and escalators, they would rather take stairs than elevators or escalators. But in fact, as a necessary tool in modern life, elevator brings much convenience for our daily life and leads the fashion. If we pay more attention to maintenance, we believe most of them like to take the convenient and comfortable elevator!

In order to avoid elevator accidents, safety is the most important. The safety of elevator can be ensured through daily maintenance and use of reliable parts. The detection shows the elevators with accidents have the following problems: the brake shoe is obviously worn and torn, its depth is less than 5mm that is only half of the normal; the normal clearance of iron cores is 0.6mm, the brake shoe would be worn if the clearance is smaller or bigger; the brake shoe has obvious overheat condition. Additionally, as the most important part of an elevator, it’s really important to select reliable part, and collect and analyze the key running data.

INVT (Wuxi) develops a special moving detecting device for elevator car’s accidental moving—EC-UCM controller.

EC-UCM controller highlights that it can detect whether the elevator has accidental moving; if the elevator has accidental moving, EC-UCM will immediately send a safe signal to the executing machine (cable clamp, rail clamp and speed-limiting device) to stop the elevator. EC-UCM adopts safety relay framework that is very reliable and certified by authority, it’s applicable to all varieties of elevators and escalators. When we take elevator, once the brake has fault, it would stop the elevator through cable clamp, safety tongs and speed-limiting device to offer additional protection for the passengers.

Don’t be worry about those elevators with EC-UCM! Surely, in order to ensure our safety, we should also know some self-help knowledge when take elevator; it would reduce harm to ourselves once the accident occurs!