Dual Velocity Monitor Calibration

  1. Disconnect transducer input wiring A and B from the channel A terminals on the signal input relay module.

  2. Connect function generator to A(+) and com(-) with polarity and 1300 ohm resistor to A(+).

  3. Open front panel.

  4. Adjust function generator to output a 63.66 Hz sine wave with -7.5 Vdc bias. 5.Adjust the amplitude of the function generator for the meter full scale.Full scale range is 1in/sec peak.

    1 in/sec peak = 1V pk-pk 1in/sec peak = 1V pk-pk = 353mVrms pk ( for 100% of the scale) 265 mVrms pk ( for 75% of the scale) 176 mV rms pk (for 50% of the scale) 88 mV rms pk ( for 25% of the scale)

  5. Measure the proportional signal output voltage at signal output testpoint, TP 22(BPPLA) for channel A and TP 21(BPPLB) for channel B using the multimeter and verify that it matches the table below

    No Trip Multiply +5.00 Vdc ( for full scale) 2x Trip Multiply +2.50 Vdc ( for full scale) 3x Trip Multiply +1.67 Vdc ( for full scale)

  6. If the voltage does not match the table above, adjust the gain potentiometer GA for the channel A and GB for the channel B is correct for the Trip multiply option installed.

  7. When finished, disconnect the function generator and multimeter and reconnect the transducer wiring A and B to channel A terminal on the Signal input relay module that was disconnected in step 1.Verify that the OK led comes on and the OK led relay energizes.Press the RESET switch on the system monitor to reset the flashing OK led.

  8. Repeat steps 1 through 8 for channel B.