Dual Accelerometer input RMS Monitor Calibration

  1. Disconnect com and in wiring from the channel A terminals on the signal input relay module.

  2. Connect function generator to com and in with polarity.

  3. Set filter options for no filter.

  4. Adjust function generator to output a 307.34 Hz sinewave with -7.5 Vdc bias.

  5. Adjust the signal amplitude 1.00 Vrms for full scale.

  6. Open front panel and measure proportional signal output at appropriate signal output testpoints, TP4 (BRMSA) for channel A and TP19 (BRMSB) for channel B.The voltage at these testpoints should match the voltage listed in the following table,

    Trip Multiply Option Proportional Output (Vdc)

     None					+5.00
     2x					+2.50
     3x					+1.67
  7. If the voltage does not match the table above, adjust the gain potentiometer (GA) until the voltage at the channel A test point (BRMSA) is +5.00 Vdc for 1.00 Vrms input.

  8. When finished, disconnect the function generator and multimeter and reconnect the com and in wiring to the channel terminals on the Signal input relay module that was disconnected in step 1 and set no filter to filter options.Verify that the OK led comes on and the OK led relay energizes.Press the RESET switch on the system monitor to reset the flashing OK led.

  9. Repeat steps 1 through 8 for channel B substituting GB for GA and BRMSB for BRMSA.