Drum gauge level measurement for chemical

Drum gauge is one of the important parts of chemical injection equipment and is used to measure chemical levels. Equipped with a spring-loaded test valve which is useful for a testing injection rate of the chemical pump; glass sight tube, and frame.

The frame that protects the glass sight tube as a place that indicates the contents of the chemical liquid inside the drum is made of cast aluminium. In the frame, there is a scale on the inside and outside that has been calibrated into gallons and litres. The scale on the left outside is used to determine the chemical consumption per day in gallons and the right outside to find out the consumption per day in litres.


The scale on the left side for chemical injection rate testing is in quart per day and tlitreside of the right for chemical injection rate testing in liters per day. To find out the stock chemical on the drum using the Kenco drum gauge, it should be done at the same time or time when taking the level between today and yesterday. The way is by subtracting the highest level of yesterday with the highest level today on the outer scale, the stock will be obtained today. Chemical injection rate testing using the Kenco drum gauge can be done by following the procedure below:

  1. Prepare a watch or stopwatch

  2. Press the stopper lever or valve handle down to stop the chemical flow from the drum

  3. Mark the highest chemical level on the glass sight tube

  4. Press and hold the stopper lever and start testing for 15 seconds or 1 minute

  5. At the last 15 seconds or 60 seconds, mark the lowest chemical level on the glass sight tube

  6. Release the stopper lever

  7. Calculate the chemical decrease in the glass sight tube based on the inner scale (quart / day) Note: 1 quart = ¼ gallons