Does a neutral wire carry current

Explain if a neutral wire carry current or not and if it does is it dangerous

A single-phase system-neutral carries current as it is the only return path. In three-phase balanced load neutral current zero. In an unbalanced 3 phase load neutral current flows. In a balanced three-phase load, the neutral wire does not carry current but the neutral wire only carries current in an unbalanced load. Neutral is On zero potential. so when u touch it no potential difference occurs between your body and neutral wire so no current flows through your body.

Neutral is a return path for current transmitted along with the live(phase) line, at the point of return its pressure(voltage) is lower and can’t drive the current into human body like when it was initially supplied in the line. The only case where neutral turns to be dangerous is when there’s leakage of current (short circuitt between live and neutral) at that point if touched you are gone because at that point it’s acting as supply and also return path which will equally harm the entire system. So in conclusion, neutral is a return part and also complete a circuit and its not dangerous as seen in phase line