Different Home automation devices in market

Home automation devices

Home Automation Controller

Home automation controller should have

  • multiple network support, including Z-Wave and Zigbee,
  • ability to operate basic automations standalone without an internet connection
  • IFTT (if this then that) support
  • no monthly fees, and
  • an available and well-documented developer API.

Top picks

Samsung – SmartThings Hub

HomeSeer – HomeTroller Zee S2 Home Controller

Universal Devices – ISY994i Z Automation Controller

Vera Control – VeraPlus Home Controller

Wink Connected Home Hub 2

Securifi – Almond+

Nexia/Ingersoll Rand – BR100NX Bridge

Lowes – Iris Smart Hub (7/10)

Water Leak / Flood Sensor

Flood or Water Leak sensors are very useful with higher water usage areas like near the dish washers, under every sinks, or in sensitive areas with pipe leakages of your home. These sensors will instantly notify users about any possible water leakage and help them to take proactive measures thereby preventing any further major kind of damages. The flood sensors can also be used in garden areas to stop the water sprinklers in case excess water has been poured.

Top picks

Everspring Z-Wave flood sensor

Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Water Sensor 6

Dome Z-Wave Plus Water Leak Sensor

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

The fire or smoke sensors are useful in kitchen areas of your smart homes. In case of accidents, these sensors will quickly notify the users and help them to take immediate action. In case of fire detection, you can quickly turn on the water sprinklers in your place and prevent from further damage taking place.

Top picks

First Alert Z-Wave Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm by Nest

OneLink Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm by First Alert

Leeo Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Monitor by Leeo

Radiation detectors

The UV sensor are very useful and measure the amount of radiation entering your home. If the radiation amount is high, it will prevent the light from entering home by turning on roller blinds, shades and lighting and prevent the radiations

Energy Monitoring Switch

In addition to allowing you to control power to your appliances and devices via timers, rules, and remote manual operation, by having at least one portable energy monitoring switch in your home, you can gain an understanding of how much energy your devices are using.

Top picks

Zooz Zen06 Z-Wave Plus Smart Plug

Zooz Zen15 Z-Wave Plus Power Switch

Light Control Switches and Dimmers

The usefulness of remotely controllable switches is about as limitless as the varieties of switches that are available. Program your outside lights to turn on and off while you’re away to give the appearance that you are home. Turn your porch lights on before heading home after dark. Add a remote dimmer to your inside hall lights and program them to turn on as a nightlight in the evening for added safety and security.

The top smart wall switch includes capabilities for 1) instant status and 2) multi-tap capabilities.

Top picks

HomeSeer Z-Wave WD200+ Dimmer and WS200+ On/Off Wall Switch

GE Z-Wave Wall Switch and Dimmer

Smart Doorbell

Smart Bells play an important role of your smart home security. Today most of the smart bells available in the market come with built-in camera along with motion detection feature. This means that whenever comes to the close proximity of your your main door, the smart bell will send you alert notifications on your phone. Even if you are in remote location, you can quickly turn on the smart bell wireless IP camera and know who has paid you a surprise visit.

Most of the smart bells available in the market today can be configured to your home Wi-Fi network and the wireless built-in camera lets you monitor your home even from distant locations. Also, few of the smart cameras feature a two-way-talk audio facility and you can talk to the person at your door even sitting at remote locations. This way you can ensure that you do not skip any important deliveries even when you are not at home.

Top picks

Nexia DB100Z Z-Wave Doorbell Sensor

a Z-Wave door sensor (with a dry contact) and reed sensor

Ring Doorbell Pro by Ring

Skybell WiFi Doorbell by Skybell

Smart Locks

Door Locks in smart security come with built-in modules which receive wireless ZigBee and Z-Wave commands and help users to perform keyless operations from locking and unlocking the doors. Users can give lock/unlock the doors sitting at a distant location and gives access to their homes to their dear ones.

Security Camera Surveillance System

The most important part of smart security cameras is the remote monitoring feature they offer. The IP based smart wireless camera gets configured to your home internet network over Wi-Fi and can stream live video to user sitting at distant location. Few smart cameras also have the additional motion detector sensors and notify the users soon upon any kind of movements noticed.

Top picks

8 CH 1080P IP PoE NVR w/2TB HDD, 4 included cameras by LaView

EzViz NVR PoE Surveillance System by EzViz

Arlo Pro 2 by NetGear

Arlo Solar Panel by NetGear

Amazon Cloud Cam by Amazon

Blink XT Home Security Camera System by Blink

8Ch Network POE NVR System (No HDD) by Amcrest

Nest Cam Outdoor by Nest

Arlo Q by Netgear

Smart Home Thermostat

Programmable thermostats have been around for decades, and even the simplest of these devices have served the needs of most users. Now, with the built in capabilities of some thermostats, or by using the power of IFTTT recipes for others, it is possible to boost the performance and energy efficiency of your home HVAC system to a new level. Adjust your home temperature to account for the effects of humidity or outside temperature. Set up a rule to adjust your temperature or send a notification reminder to open your doors and windows if the outside air is at a more comfortable temperature than the inside.

Top picks

Nest Learning Thermostat

Ecobee3 Wifi Thermostat by Ecobee

Zen Zigbee Thermostat by SwannOne

Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat by Honeywell

Motion / Arrival sensor

Motion sensor are basically used in smart security to detect any intrusion taking place at your home when you have left for work. Once activated, the motion sensor will let inform you through SMS, calls or other notification ways as soon as it detects any unwanted movement within its range. Apart from security, the other applications of motion sensor include triggering the lights of your path ways as soon as you enter your home in the evening.

Door/ Window sensor

These sensor are usually installed at the door and the windows framing. The door/window sensor basically consist of two parts- one magnetic and one electric. Either of the parts can be placed on the frame and the counter part of the door/window itself. These type of sensor can soon notify users when any intruder breaks through their doors/windows.

The door/windows sensors can also be used to turn on your living room lights as soon as you open the main door of your home after a tired day at work. Apart from just lightings, the main door sensor can also be configured to perform several other activities at once.

Top picks

Fibaro Modern Miniature Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor

Zigbee Gen2 Iris Contact Sensor

ZW089-A Z-Wave recessed door sensor by Aeon Labs

Schlage RS100 Z-Wave door/window sensor


Speakers/ Audio Distribution

In addition to lighting and security, the Home Automation system also caters to your various entertainment needs within your home. Today, some of the famous sound enhancement famous companies like BOSE and SONOS make HiFi Wireless speakers for distributed audio throughout the home. This means that you can listen to the same audio across the speakers in all your rooms.

Video Distribution

Similar to distributed audio, you can even distribute video in Home Automation. By distributed video we mean a single video source like a BlueRay Movie or a Satellite TV can be shared between multiple TVs. This reduces the cost of having multiple satellite TV connections. Also, to get distributed video, you can make use of Home Automation Roller Shutter screens.

Virtual Personal Assistant

Some of the entertainment devices in Home Automation are even interactive and responsive. Like for example you can literally talk to the Amazon Echo and gets tasks done like turing on/off lights, locking/unlocking smart locks, play your favourite music, trigger scenes etc.

Top picks

Amazon Echo, Tap, and Dot