DCS Engineer Interview Questions - Fundamentals (Refinery ,Power Plant, Chemical Plant ,Paper)

Some of the Interview questions for Control System Engineers - DCS (Distributed Control System )

Q) Definition of DCS? A microprocessor based control and Data acquisition system consisting of number of modules operating over a network.

Q)Typical functions available in DCS

1 PID Control 2 Discrete control 3 Advanced control capability 4 Alarm management 5 Graphical and Schematic displays 6 Trending of real time and historic data 7 Communication between other device and subsystem 8 Data acquisition 9 Report generation 10 Data Historization

Q) Different type of PID function included in DCS?

PID Basics controller PID Ratio PID cascade PID Bias PID Differential gap PID adaptive gain PID non linear Manual station PID self tuning External output tracking Reset limiting

Q)Math functions included in DCS?

ADD Subtract Multiply Division Summation Difference Square root Square Absolute Value Logarithm Exponential Polynomial

Q) Dynamic functions included in DCS?

Lead/Lag Dead time Velocity limit Totalize

Q) Logic controls included in DCS?

And OR Exclusive OR On/Off Delay Inverter Flip-Flop Pulse Nand Nor

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