Data acquisition card -- PCL-812PG


PCL-812PG card:

PCL-812PG is a multifunction analog and digital I/O card. PCL-812PG is a multifunction analog and digital I/O card that features the five most desired measurement and control functions for PC/AT and compatible systems: A/D conversion, D/A conversion, digital input, digital output and counter/timer.

The PCL-812PG card is the card that has been used in the project for the acquisition of data and control of signals for the monitoring and control of the Automation Laboratory. It is a card for PC / XT / AT and compatible. It is high speed and performance, in addition to being multifunction.

PCL-812PG offers the convenience of programmable analog input ranges, where the analog input range can be changed using software commands instead of DIP switches. PCL-812PG also offers maximum convenience and resolution for applications that need different gains for different channels or different gains for different stages of a process.

Technical characteristics

The technical characteristics of the card are the following:

  • 16 channels of analog inputs (single-ended).

  • A standard industrial 12-bit converter converting analog input signals by successive approximations. The maximum sampling frequency is 30Mhz in DMA Mode.

  • Range of analog inputs programmable by software. Bipolar: ± 5V, ± 2.5V, ± 12.5V, ± 0.625V, ± 0.3125V.

  • Three analog inputs with the following Trigger modes: 1.Trigger Software. 2.Level Trigger (programmable). 3.Pulse Trigger (programmable).

  • Possibility of transferring A / D data converted by interruption or DMA.

  • An INTEL 8253-5 Timer / Counter.

  • Two D / A output channels with 12 bit resolution. With output range from 0 to + 5V or 0 to + 10V.

  • 16 TTL / DTL compatible digital inputs.

  • 16 digital outputs compatible TTL / DTL.

Product specifications.

The specifications of the product are the following:

  • Analog Inputs (A / D Converter) 1.Channels: 16 single-ended 2.Resolution: 12 bits 3.Input range: Bipolar: ± 5V, ± 2.5V, ± 12.5V, ± 0.625V, ± 0.3125V. 4.Over Voltage: Continuous ± 30V max

  • Analog Outputs (D / A Converter) 1.Channels: 2 channels 2.Resolution: 12 bits 3.Output range: 0 to + 5V or 0 to + 10V. 4.Analog Devices: AD7541AKN or equivalent. 5.Linear in: ± ½ bit 6.Settling Time: 30 microseconds.

  • Digital tickets 1.Channel: 16 bits 2.Level: TTL compatible 3.Input voltage: Low 0.8V max. High 2.0V min.

  • Digital Outputs 1.Channel: 16 bits. 2.Level: TTL compatible. 3.Output voltage: Low 8mA to 0.5V max, High 0.05mA to 2.7V max

  • Programmable timer / counter 1.Device: INTEL 8253 2.Counters: 3 channels of 16 bits. 3.Input, door: TTL / DTL / CMOS 4.Time Base: 2MHz.

  • Interruption Channel 1.Level: IRQ 2 to 7, selectable by jumpers on board. 2.Allowed: Via S0, S1 and S2 of the CONTROL register.

  • DMA channel 1.Level: 1 or 3, selectable by jumpers on plate 2.Allowed: Via S0, S1 and S2 of the CONTROL register