Connecting LS XGK PLC to Pro-Face Gp 2501S HMI

Hey. I got this project in which i need to modify and add screens to a machine which uses a LSis PLC of the series XGK and a GP 2501S HMI from Pro-Face. This machine is already operational using this equipment. I have already downloaded a backup file in .PRW format using the GP-Pro PBIII software, but I can´t open the file because apparently GP-Pro PBIII does not support the XGK PLC configuration. When I try to open the file I get a message: “Invalid PLC table” and it fails to open. Also in the HMI-PLC configuration manual from Pro Face it displays a list of supported PLCs and none from LS is shown there. I¨ve also looked for driver downloads for this specific PLC in the Pro Face website but its only available for the newer software GP-Pro EX which is not compatible with Series 2000 HMIs. I have googled this problem for hours and haven´t got anything useful yet, though I´m sure there must be a way to work around this problem since the machine must have been configured that way before. I´m close to deadline and Pro-Face troubleshooting won´t answer my inquiries.