Compare the advantages and disadvantages of RTD,Thermocouple and Thermistor

Advantages of RTD

1.Most stable 2.Most accurate 3.More linear than thermocouple

Disadvantages of RTD

1.Expensive 2.Current source required 3.Low absolute resistance 4.self heating

Advantages of Thermocouple

1.Self powered 2.Simple 3.Rugged 4.Inexpensive 5.Wide variety 6.Wide temperature range

Disadvantages of Thermocouple

1.Non-Linear 2.Low voltage 3.Reference required 4.Least stable 5.Least sensitive

Advantages of thermistor

1.High output 2.Two-wire resistant measurement

Disadvantages of thermistor

1.Non linear 2.Limited temperature range 3.Fragile 4.Current source required 5.Self heating