Common Interview Questions: Industrial Automation

1.Explain Cascade Control system with a diagram. What would happier if a single controller were used ? 2. Explain ratio control system. 3. Explain fuel to air ratio control of furnaces. 4. What is Furnace Draft control ? 5. What is feed back control ? What is feed forward control ? Discuss its application ? 6. Explain three element feed water control system? 7. Explain Anti-surge control? 8. What is Surge 9.Draw an electronic two wire system control loop.

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These are common Interview questions for Industrial Automation: but I like to add few more questions

  1. What are the types of Automation?
  2. What is the structure of industrial automation?
  3. What are process variables?
  4. What is cascade amplifier?
  5. Describe about PLC operation?
  1. What is system Architecture?
  2. Why we using 4.-20mA?
  3. What is calibration?
  4. What is Safety systems, like ESD/SIS/FGS ?
  5. What is HART / Fieldbus ?
  6. What is Modbus / Serial communication?
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Give me the answer of these questions

1.What is relay 2.What is automation 3.What is mean by protocal? 4.What is Communication bus? 5.Mention types of flow measurement. 6.Types of PLC input/output