Common Interview Questions: Entry Level Instrumentation

Que. : Draw an electronic two wire system control loop. Que. : What are Intrinsically safe system ? Que. : What does a transmitter output start from 3-15 psi or (0.2 - 1 Kg/Cm2) or 4 - 20 ma. etc. ? Que. : What is force balance and motions balance principle ? Que. : What is Process Que. : What is Manipulated variable , Error and controlled variable Que. : Define control agent, actuating signal, Deviation, Offset, reference input, Setpoint Que. : Define Accuracy, attenuation, deadtime,drift, error , Span error,Zero error , static gain, Hysterisis,Interference, common mode interference,Normal mode interference, Linearity, Rang, Repeatability, Reproducability,response, Signal to Noise ratio, time constant, Span, Zeroshift

What is the meaning of calibration?

Calibration is the comparing of device against an equal or better standard.

What is the meaning of DEADTIME?

DEAD TIME, is caused when there is time interval between the initiation of some action and the detection of the action

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Kindly share the powerful Answers for above questions?

kindly share the answers of the above Questions