Common interview questions :Entry level automation/Control system engineers

  1. Draw system architecture showing PLC, SCADA/MMI, networking devices communication protocol details like IP address etc.
  2. Draw detailed block diagram of any field parameter like temp, pressure reading coming to PLC can be shown on SCADA/MMI.
  3. Explain 2 wire & 4 wire wiring concept.
  4. Draw block diagram of close loop control. Difference open and close.
  5. Draw server client architecture with example.
  6. Name different types of timers used in PLC.
  7. Subroutine, instruction types,
  8. Explain PID?
  9. PID Cascade mode, primary secondary
  10. Ramp, feed forward
  11. Name communication protocols and basic parameters required to establish communication between two nodes.
  12. What is difference between signal ground and power ground?
  13. Explain redundancy of controller.
  14. Master slave concept in Modbus
  15. Modbus addressing
  16. What is CRC? Parity?
  17. Thermocouple –RTD difference
  18. Room temp resistance for RTD.
  19. IP Address classes.
  20. Scan time of PLC.
  21. Why 4-20 ma not 0-20 ma?
  22. Bump less transfer

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