Collection of free Instrumentation e-books and pdfs

Collection of free instrumentation e-books and pdfs

Instrumentation engineering is defined as art and science of measurement and control of various process variables within a production or manufacturing area. Aim of this stream is to develop engineering skills in sensor technology, automation and control design. Instrumentation has its fingers in most of the fields like chemical, petroleum, aeronautical, biomedical and also in thermal and nuclear power plants.

Let’s take a look at Instrumentation Engineering Free eBooks and pdfs

A key tool for continuous learning and education is to possess quality instrumentation and control books that will serve as a valuable reference at any time of the day. For all human beings learning is a lifelong process. In fact, it’s a process of all who wants to achieve in their career. Hence, continuous learning will improve your knowledge and strengthen your professional skills.

Here we have good references and ebooks :

Fundamentals of instrumentation

This reference contains all kinds of basics that every engineering aspects should know. It is useful for all who are learning measurement systems and instrumentation. Also, it includes all the information about the sensors used in instruments which are used in process and automation control and all about signal processing and conditioning. An overview of the instrument systems and simple mathematical models is also given below.

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Here is the link for signal processors and receivers:

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Temperature measurement

Temperature is one of the most important measurement parameters that is used for monitoring and control in various industries. It can be measured with the help of a diverse temperature measurement devices. With the advancement of science and technology, we now need temperature measurement in a wide range and different atmospheric conditions, and that also with high accuracy and precision. The process control industry has developed a large number of sensors and devices to meet the demand of today’s industrial environment.


Here you can find the link for temperature measurement :

All basics informations related to temperature:

Here is link for Temperature measurement using sensors:

• Temperature sensors and their working principles: Types of Temperature Sensors and Their working Principles | Features

All about RTD and its working is given in this: Principle of Operation of a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)

Pressure measurement

Measurement of pressure inside a pipeline or a container in an industrial environment is a challenging task, keeping in mind that pressure may be very high, or very low (vacuum); the medium may be liquid, or gaseous. They are mainly carried out by using elastic elements: diaphragms, bellows and Bourdon tubes. These elastic elements change their shape with applied pressure and the change of shape can be measured using suitable deflection transducers. image

Here is the link for Pressure and force measurement:

For differential pressure (DP) technology here is the link:

Different types gauges for pressure measurements:

Manometers, Elastic Pressure Sensors, Pressure Transducers, Vacuum gauges, Pressure sensitive paints , Static and stagnation Pressures, Pitot Tubes, Prandtl Tubes, Transmission lag:

Flow measurement

Accurate measurement of flow rate of liquids and gases is an essential requirement for maintaining the quality of industrial processes. In fact, most of the industrial control loops control the flow rates of incoming liquids or gases in order to achieve the control objective. As a result, accurate measurement of flow rate is very important.

Flow measurement:

Industrial Flow, Density and viscosity Measurement devices:

Industrial flow measurement Basics and practice:

Flow Measurement devices: Flow Measurement | Emerson US

Level measurement

Level, humidity and pH are three important process parameters and their measurement find wide application in chemical and manufacturing industries. In this chapter we would provide a brief overview of the different techniques adopted for measurement of liquid level and humidity.

Measurement of Level, Humidity and pH:

Level measurements technologies:

Introduction to Level Measurement: Level Measurement

Design and Construction of Liquid Level Measurement System:

Measuring level using level transmitter:

Control Valve Handbook

Control valve handbook is good source of information all about control valves which can be used by engineers and technicians published by Emerson. If you want to know about control valve performances, different types of valves and actuators, control valve accessories and selections, special conditioning valves and steam conditioning valves etc this is the right reference.


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Basics of control theory

In engineering and mathematics, control theory deals with the behavior of dynamical systems. … When one or more output variables of a system need to follow a certain reference over time, a controller manipulates the inputs to a system to obtain the desired effect on the output of the system.

Here is the links to download:

Sizing, Selecting, and Applying Process Control Valves

You will obtain a practical understanding of control valves, actuators, positioners and accessories through an integral view of the design and application of control valves as a final control element in a process control system. This reference will cover applied principles and mathematics that describe the characteristics and coefficients used in the sizing, selection and application of process control valves.

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Calibrating and Instruments system models

This popular pdf offers a combination of practical information and practical experience, covering the proper calibration and maintenance of electronic instruments. You will examine the characteristics of electronic instrument systems and simple mathematical models.

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How to cure tank gauging problems

Many terminals and tank farms struggle because they use obsolete equipment resulting in an unreliable operation, inefficient routines and high operating costs. Solving these problems will improve performance and profitability.

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Lesson in industrial instrumentation

This document include all area in an industry where you can find instrumentation documents, instrument connections, Discrete process measurement, Discrete control elements, Relay control systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Analog electronic instrumentation etc.

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