Can you put a DVC6200 on a Fisher D4 control valve?

Can you put a DVC6200 on a Fisher D4 control valve?

Yes, you can put a DVC6200 on a Fisher D4 control valve. The DVC6200 is a digital valve controller from Emerson’s FIELDVUE series, designed for use with a wide range of control valves, including Fisher valves. Here are the steps and considerations for installing a DVC6200 on a Fisher D4 control valve:

Steps for Installation:

  1. Check Compatibility:
  • Ensure that the DVC6200 digital valve controller is compatible with the Fisher D4 control valve. The DVC6200 is designed to work with a variety of valve and actuator combinations, but it is always good to verify compatibility with specific models.
  1. Mounting the DVC6200:
  • Bracket Installation: Install the mounting bracket provided with the DVC6200 on the actuator of the Fisher D4 control valve.
  • Attach the DVC6200: Secure the DVC6200 to the mounting bracket. Make sure the alignment is correct to ensure proper feedback linkage operation.
  1. Feedback Linkage:
  • Connect the Feedback Linkage: Attach the feedback linkage from the DVC6200 to the valve stem or actuator. Ensure that the linkage moves freely and accurately reflects the valve position.
  1. Pneumatic Connections:
  • Supply Air: Connect the supply air to the DVC6200. Ensure that the air supply is clean and dry to prevent any operational issues.
  • Output Air: Connect the output air from the DVC6200 to the actuator. This controls the movement of the valve.
  1. Electrical Connections:
  • Power Supply: Connect the necessary power supply to the DVC6200, typically 24 VDC.
  • Communication: If using HART or another communication protocol, connect the communication lines as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  1. Configuration and Calibration:
  • Configure the DVC6200: Use the FIELDVUE software or a HART communicator to configure the DVC6200 settings. Set parameters like travel limits, gain, and other control settings.
  • Calibrate the Valve: Perform a calibration procedure to ensure that the DVC6200 accurately controls the valve position. This involves setting the zero and span positions and verifying proper operation across the full range of valve travel.


  • Safety Precautions: Follow all safety guidelines when working with pneumatic and electrical systems. Ensure that the valve is isolated and de-energized during installation.
  • Documentation: Refer to the DVC6200 and Fisher D4 control valve manuals for specific installation instructions, wiring diagrams, and configuration settings.

Feel free to ask if you need more detailed instructions or have any other questions!